A bus trip from Finglas to Dublin City Centre captured in glorious 35mm film...

By: John Mahon


A bus trip from Finglas to the City Centre captured in glorious 35mm film by Dublin photographer Faolan Carey


This is our favourite style of photography. Candid street shots, usually of the sort of people and places you see every day and take for granted. But every so often a photographer with a sharp eye will capture an angle, a shadow, a detail a person that makes you pause for a second and see the thing you thought you know in a different light, making you feel all warm 'n' fuzzy about your home town.

Faolan Carey is one of those photographers. We found him on Instagram and asked him to put together a Dublin photo story for us.



There is nothing better than Dublin in the sun. I grew up in the city centre and regrettably, I moved to Finglas before I ever got into photography.  Despite my love for Finglas and its constant supply of interesting people and moments, I’m still constantly heading into town to photograph. Maybe I’m making up for lost time.

I don’t feel digital cameras can really capture light the same way 35mm does. There’s a warmth and physicality to it that is unmatchable. The films I used for this personal project were Portra, Ektar and Fuji.
This winter I spent every free day I had trying to document light and shadow around Dublin. I love how the harsh sun sheds light on some of the most Dublin scenes one could think of.

I’ve pooled these photographs together to sort of represent a day through my eyes and my view of the city.


Finglas, located on a hill, has the advantage of some of the nicest light in Dublin. A light that shines on an array of characters, such as these.


Morning light fills an empty bus.


A new age, and a new type of cowboy.


For me, a sense of nostalgia surrounds the older bus stops now that they won’t be around much longer.


This little old dear seems even smaller against her own shadow.


The church of annunciation in Finglas will soon see its last Dublin sun.


Light on the dart dances as it passes between buildings.


A lady watches from a bus at the passing streets of Dublin.


Brutalism, minimalism, a mix of the old and the new. Our fair city’s buildings vary and the lights that flood the streets through the gaps do too.


Someone’s left this out to bask in the sun.


So yellow. There's a million internet cafés scattered around Dublin. But none soak in light and reflect colour quite like this one.


These shadows were cast by a bus stop along the Liffey.


Something really interesting about a winter sun, shadows seem to add something to places and things I’d never consider photographing.


The luas line construction. This worker is hiding from the sun.


A harsh light and a hard day.


A dog watches the light on the dart pass over passengers shoes.


A lady waiting for the bus as the day comes to an end.


The suns just hitting the rooftops, there’s not much light left on the streets and these guys won’t be working for much longer.


The remaining moments of light in town are spent at the tops of buildings, so I turn my camera up in hope of one more photo.


And this is it, the last of the light as the day ends in Dublin.

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