Google Docks Snapshot ‘99 - ‘15


By: John Mahon

I found a dusty roll of Kodak film in a shoebox in the attic marked 'Barrow St '97’* and immediately had a flash back to a 17 year old me taking my rickety Russian built camera for a walk around the giant building site that was Barrow Street and the area now known as Google Docks.

The camera leaked light, badly and only a handful of snaps survived but the few that remain still show just how much development has taken place down there and the transformation of the area in the almost 18 years since the pictures were taken.

We've displayed them here as animated GIF's which may take a wee while longer to load depending on what you are looking at this on so bare with it!

- John

* An eagle eyed viewer pointed out that this photo wouldve been taken between 98/99 due to some building work they spotted in the shot and I agree so I've updated the article to say '99 to be on the safe side.  Still pretty impressive nonthless!

Docklands Panorama 1

Looking north from platform at Grand Canal Dock Train Station, taking in Bolands Mill, Alto Vetro Tower, the bridge to Ringsend, The Marker Hotel and developments on and around Hanover Quay
Camera position on map here



Docklands Panorama 2

Looking north-east from platform at Grand Canal Dock Train Station taking in the old Shelbourne Park Greyhound Track, The Dock Mill which was only recenlty converted to high spec offices, another modern office building and the corner of the Google HQ building 'Montvetro' currently the tallest building in Dublin.
Camera position on map here





Barrow Street

Looking north of Barrow Street, taking in Boland's Mills, warehouse buildigs like The Factory studios and dance space and now a solid wall of modern office blocks

Camera position on map here




South Lotts Road

Looking north north-east up South Lotts Road at the old Gasometer built in the late 1800's and subsequently turned into apartments around 2008

Camera position on map here

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