Istanbul - Helluva town

Istanbul....helluva town. It has one foot and Europe and one in Asia with the mighty Bosphorus River running in between......

By: John Mahon

Istanbul....helluva town.  It has one foot in Europe and the other in Asia with the mighty Bosphorus River running between.  We visited in April 2014 and found a manic city with history piled high and steeped in contradictions.  A familiar modern and vibrant city on one hand with great bars, restaurants, galleries and shops but all of which sit uncomfortably with government clamp downs, restrictions and a president who just went on record stating the he believes women inferior to men.   At time of visit YouTube was blocked to help, as the government saw it, stem popular uprising from the people and Twitter had just been released back to the public.

However despite the background of an over bearing authority and daily protests on Independance Avenue, we found an absolutlety electric city, warm people and amazing eating all over town.  a city everybody should visit once, with the Turkish Airlines flying direct from Dublin.

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