Junior Magazine

From pub to publication in 3 months flat...

By: John Mahon

Junior Magazine

From pints to publication in 3 months flat

18th May 2016


George is a 23 year old Russian import by way of Trinity College and Ellius is a 22 year old portrait and fashion photographer and together they are producing a new Dublin photo journal called Junior. 

Having met at a party and realised that they were both avid photographers, late night banter turned into pints and serious discussion about putting together a magazine. 

Three months later they had a launch party and a print deadline. We caught them on the eve of their production deadline to ask them the what and why behind Junior.



This is why we’re so eager for everyone to come to our launch




What impact do you hope to have with Junior Magazine?

GV:  We want to foster a community for young photographers and we want to get their work seen.

Coming from a very academic background I found myself really yearning for a community in which I could meet other like-minded people. People I could exchange anecdotes with, nerd out over gear or the more important things like picking up new perspectives, learning new skills and sharing ideas.

This was the genesis of the idea for Junior and to be honest it’s more than just the magazine itself. It’s everything to do with it - the social media campaign, the planning of it, the launch night. We want to become a little nucleus for Irish photographic talent. 

This is why we’re so eager for everyone to come to our launch. We want to meet loads of people and talk about ideas for projects,  publications, exhibits...anything.


We wanted people who worked hard



How did you pick the photographers you feature in Junior, what we're your criteria?

GV: The selection process was a total mix. Ellius contacted people he knew, we scoured Instagram, reached out to other creatives working in Dublin.

I spent a very intense few hours looking at a database of all photography graduates in Ireland over the last three years.

Ultimately it came about naturally. We ended up with exactly what we wanted. A group of photographers with a totally diverse range of styles and approaches.

EG: Having attended art school I already had an idea of who I wanted.

We wanted people who worked hard and were undertaking projects to tell stories and dig into issues.

We wanted people who's work we really respected but who hadn't been out in the limelight yet, so Junior could help them get there.



Is it important to you that Dublin city is associated with Junior?

EG: We didn't realise it at first but Dublin has always been a large part of Junior, definitely for this first issue anyway.

Through picking the photographers and then working on it for a month, it became clear that Dublin was really important to our projects and all our work had been affected strongly by this place that we all call home.

We decided that Junior should be a love letter to Dublin and Ireland.


Suddenly we had to have a magazine designed and finished within a month



What have been your biggest challenges with producing the magazine?

EG: Probably taking that first leap from having conversations about what we could do to actually knuckling down and starting the work.

Early on I had set the 27th of May as a good ball park date to launch the magazine. I went in to visit Angel at The Library Project and mentioned that date to him, he said the date was free and put us in the calender then and there.

After that, I got print dates from Plus Print and suddenly we had to have a magazine designed and finished within a month!

My good friend Cian Brennan came on board early on as our creative director and helped us put the design and branding of the magazine together.

He was there then to offer guidance when I was paralysed by indecision and also made our Kickstarter video.

We've had some amazingly long days since then.  Working with a friend though makes it all much easier.


What are your future plans for the magazine and how do you hope to sustain it?

EG: I think we've both agreed that if Junior is only one issue we'll still be extremely proud and happy with it. 

I think it is as much a statement about young artists and the talent that is here in Dublin as it is an object that we wanted to make.

If we pick Junior up again for a second issue I think it may be international, so we can work from wherever we are and spread our net wider to find photographers to feature and showcase.


Everyone involved is incredibly open and encouraging


If you could change one thing about Dublin what would it be?

GV: Making this magazine has only reaffirmed what I have already come to realise which is that Dublin is a city that punches well above its weight when it comes to creative talent.

Not only is there such a density of it but for the most part, everyone involved is incredibly open and encouraging. It’s a nurturing environment. 

We’re eager to see our own kind succeed however I find it somewhat disconcerting that as we begin to move towards economic recovery, it has become increasingly harder for artists and creatives to support themselves and their practices. Rent hikes for art-spaces are marginalising. Art has an inherent value and it’s upsetting to see that.


Junior Magazine launches at 6pm on Friday 27th May 2016 in The Library Project in Temple Bar, Dublin

Find out more and support the Kickstarter here




We asked the lads to reccommend 3 magazines each that influence and inspire what they do. 



Union Magazine

A fashion magazine from Tokyo, and their aim is to create timeless beauty through art and fashion images. Their magazine is more like a book, which is hard cover with a book fabric wrapping. Really amazing publication.

LAW Magazine

They're based in London and aim to document the "beautiful undercurrent of Britain". They feature documentary and project work about Britain telling stories that may otherwise be overlooked. LAW stands for Lives And Works, and I love how focused they are on the people who make Britain what it is.


Pylot Magazine

Pylot Magazine is a fashion magazine based in London. They are a bi-annual print publication that has a strict rule of no image retouching. They work with forward thinking photographers and designers to create fashion stories that rebel against the image saturated digital world of today.




Selektor Magazine

A photography magazine based in France that publishes phenomenal monographs of some of my favourite photographers. Every single issue is an absolute banger and Loic is amazing at communicating the essence of the work. They’re beautifully designed and wonderfully printed. It’s an absolute dream to squeeze myself in there one day.

VICE Magazine:

I think we are all perhaps too-familiar with the trendy-media behemoth that is the Vice empire. Despite their web-based content occasionally provoking face-palms, the printed magazine which started it all remains an important voice and a fundamental force for good in the current media landscape. They write thoughtful pieces about topics that are overlooked by mainstream media outlets and pair them with beautiful visual elements.


For those that don’t know, TN2 is an art and culture magazine published by Trinity students. I haven’t been in college for a while now so I’d be lying if I said I had picked up a recent copy but for a college not otherwise linked with the creative side of things I thought it deserved a mention. While in college, Aaron Devine, a good friend of mine worked tirelessly to make that magazine worthy of his lofty expectations. More than anyone, Aaron fostered my own personal passion for print media, and his unbelievable level of expertise in literally all mediums of art have been an inspiration for me since I left college.


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