Maltby Street Market, London


By: John Mahon

Hidden in the Bermondsey railway arches on the south bank of the Thames is Maltby Street Market aka Ropewalk.  Monday to Friday it is bustling with forklifts and people operating their antique stores and wholesale operations out of the tunnels beneath the tracks.  Sometime around 2010 the nucleous of a regular food market started to form with bakers, brewers, distillers and a fledgling few cafes opening up their doors on the weekend for drop in's.  Slowly but surely they were joined by more operators, turning lumber stores into pop up food ops and a market was born. 

Wedged in a dark and narrow gap between a Victorian railway line and a modern apartment development, the it has the looseness that feels as if they had the idea to have market 5 minutes before you got there, dragging crates, planks and upturned wheelbarrows to make stalls, yet, at the same time has the variety, the high quality food and drink that a local crowd demands and expects, the imagination and the attention to detail that creates the warm, vibrant atmosphere that makes a great market.

You can have coffee from Monmouth, cocktails from Little Bird, the Sparrow Gin pop up in one of the antique stores under the arches or direct from the source in the Jensen Gin distillery on site, fresh bread and donuts from St John, tapas from the darky and musty Tozino, waffles, Beef Jerkey, wood oven flat breads (incredible!), sambos from Monty's, smoked salmon, oysters, mussels, scotch eggs and a hundred other dishes and stalls.  

The market is open every 9am-6pm Saturday and 11am-4pm Sunday.  Find them on Facebook and Twitter too

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