Mas O Menos - the grilled corn project


By: John Mahon

This is something I have wanted to do since I had the first of many, many, grilled corns from a place called Cafe Habana in NYC.  These things are like heroin, Ive actually snuck away from people on trips to New York to go have one.  Or two. (three).  I have yet to find somebody who dosn't instantly love them when they have them and gone back for more.   As simple as they are, I havnt found anywhere doing them in Dublin so when asked to look after the food area under the Toejam banner Emergence and Bodytonic called Dublin City Block Party, I figured this was as good a place as any to give it a shot.

First thing was to figure out the recipe.  The internet had a bit of info but it was mostly trial and error, and happily so.  Trickiest bit was getting the balance between par boiling the corn and charring it on the grill.  Oli from The Big Blue Bus lent me his 'Big Blue Bosca' trailer that he built.  Its a 100% self-sustainable food trailer with solar power, rain water harvesting and a wood burning oven and the perfect platform to do these Mexican Grilled Corn.

We ordered boxes of corn from the Smithfield Fruit market, stocked up on the rest at the cash and carry and turned up early on the morning of the event to begin the live experiment.

Long story short: we sold out of corn, put alot of smiles on faces, ate alot of corn ourselves and now have to figure out what we want to do with this idea!  

Pic Credit: John Mahon & Dublin City Block Party

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