Meat City, Copenhagen


By: John Mahon

We like a good market we do.  We’ve run fair few ourselves and love finding others, especially when we’re out of town.  They’re a great way to get under the skin of a city, to see how people eat, drink and hang out and we stumbled on a really good one on a recent trip to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen has seen a number of food markets open in recent years such as Torvehallerne and Copenhagen Street Food.  It was following the success of these markets that friends and founders Simon, Christian and Jacob set out to create a new variety of market.  A place where you could come to get your week’s groceries but also meet friends for a beer and falafel, all with a focus on affordability.

Launched in April 2015, the market takes place in the large central carpark in the Kødbyen Meatpacking District.  Pronounced “Kul-boo-en”, which translates literally into the awesome sounding “Meat City”.  The area was once a thriving, purpose-built butcher’s market but when the meat industry relocated at the end of the last century the local council, who own the site, were faced with the prospect of the area becoming a ghost town. Taking a cue from Manhattan's Meatpacking District,  they injected life in to old industrial units and repurposed them as eateries, galleries and clubs whilst retaining the character and fabric - including the remaining butchers - and creating a unique new city district.

Bars and restaurants opened one after the other from 2009 onwards, capturing the imagination, and creating a buzzing new scene in amongst these white-tiled protected 1930’s warehouses, with the perennially popular restaurants like Mother and Paté Paté (opened in a former liver paté manufacturers) cementing the reputation of the area.

Copenhagen is an expensive town and we were still trying to figure the DKK to Euro conversion rate so we couldn’t tell you how affordable the Kødbyen Market was but we can tell you that it is a super market.  They have a great mix of stalls from fruit and veg, to Jerk chicken, bars selling wine and local beers, chocolate, coffee, meat, flowers, lemonade and great coffee.  The organisation is tight but they have made sure to keep the sort looseness to it that allows atmosphere to build.  Punters from the surrounding bars mingle in with their drinks and market goers in turn spill over into the bars with their food.  Its the sort of place where you planned to grab something real quick but end up staggering away seven hours later and with fresh batches of people arriving for the Meatpacking restaurants and bars, the atmosphere keeps building through the evening and into the night.  

The market takes place every Saturday from 10am - 4pm as well as the first Sunday of each month until September and gets the thumbs up from us.  

Find out more on their website and Facebook page.

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