Ten Best #10


By: John Mahon

Taking you zipping into the weekend is this week's edition of Ten Best.  

Here's how it works; 10 things from the world wide web, the first 5 proudly flying the tri-colour, the last 5 from overseas, all good schtuff.

Enjoy them and take it handy.


1. Talking with your mouth full

The Big Grill Festival is back this weekend for it’s second year in Herbert Park.  One of the new additions to the lineup is Jim Carroll’s Banter Stage and one talk we are particularly looking forward to is with Levi Roots, DJ Yoda and our very own Billy Scurry - who’s not short of an opinion or two - talking about the junction of music and food.

2. Profiles dot eye-ee

Profiles.ie is a great wee site that serves the ever growing demand for behind the scenes with creative folk and their practices.  Nailer 9, Aisling Farinella, Conor & David and Elemental Design all get put in front of the camera. Good lunch time watching. 


3. Mister Cidona

Design Chain Reactions is a clever concept where  - and bare with us here - interviewer interviews interviewee and that interviewee then interviews the interviewee of their choice for the following article. 

There’s probably an easier way to explain this but have a read of this article with Fergus O’Neill, the man behind the Keep Going Its Grand range, who also designed iconic Irish soft drink Cidona as it happens and all will be revealed.  


4. Trade Canal

The guys who ran the market for the Canalaphonic event last May are back this weekend for a follow up market.  

It takes place in the madly overlooked public space that is the Portobello Harbour Square.  It was a big success last time, especially with the good weather and the band stage and this Saturday is promising the same.

More here.


5. Dublin Canvas

The Dublin City Council Beta programme is giving over the dull grey metal boxes full of traffic light controllers that are dotted on footpaths around the city to artists with a view to animating Dublin street.  

A small and simple initiative but it looks great.  More of this please.  

See more on Dublin Canvas website 

(Image via The Locals Instagram)


6. Startup Stash

A great resource full of really useful and mostly free apps that you can use in your startup biz.  Designs, ideas, social tools, e-commerce, communication…Startup Stash has some great tools in there that we use and can vouch for and loads more we’d never heard of.

7. The Making of a President

Ever wanted to set up your own country?  Well this guy did it, so what’s stopping you.  

Via NY Times 

8. Beyond the glass plate

We’re loving these images from artist Jane Long.  She took glass plate photos, taken in Romania in the early 1900’s, colorised them (which is impressive enough in itself) and then created a fantasy land around the people in the portraits.  

Via Design Boom 


9. Two Wheels Good

Unfortunately this is only a concept bike but damn this is one clever city bike.  Built in lights, a pop out rack which is super clever, and inevitably a USB charger powered by the bike itself and complete with a little phone holding pouch that dosnt really look like the smartest or safest place for you phone.  How and ever, great design, we like it.



10. Vinylify

Kind of surprised we haven’t seen this before but like all good ideas they’re very obvious when you see them.

Upload your music, send them both label and sleeve artwork and for €50 you will have your own custom beautifully packacged 10” vinyl. 

Great gift (for yourself)

Via Product Hunt 


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