Ten Best #11


By: John Mahon

Presenting this week's Ten Best.  5 of the best from the auld sod 5 of the best from here/there/everywhere 10 Best

Simple maths.  Enjoy


1. Of Ireland

James Earley - he of the MASSIVE mural on Blooms Hotel in Temple Bar amongst others - has launched a new store called Iverna (Latin for ‘From Ireland’) with limited edition commissioned prints from Irish artists.  Some great stuff there from likes of Johnny Kelly & Al Higgins.  

Check it here.

2. AAD visit

Scott Burnett & (another) Johnny Kelly are Studio AAD.  We’ve had lots of time for their design thinking ever since their ingenious flyers for club night Monkey Tennis way back when.  

Offset went on a studio visit to meet the lads, have a look here.

3. Swastika Laundry

The Swastika Laundry opened for business in 1912 in Ballsbridge in Dublin.  Undeterred by Mr Hitler’s adoption of the same branding, they operated right through the war and until very recently the swastika logo was visible on their chimney looking out over Ballsbridge.

Come Here To Me has the full story and pictures

4. 1975 x 747

A nostalgically soothing trip onboard the Aer Lingus 747 from Dublin to New York JFK in 1975.  See a barren Dublin airport at the start of the video.  A far cry from the 22 million people who came and went in 2014.

Watch it here.

5. Dublin Action Spots

Brand New Retro does it again, un-earthing a 1972 pull out guide from New Spotlight magazine to all the Dublin hot spots.  

See you in Sloopy’s 

See the article here.

6. Beertails

Pinterest is a really interesting tool for forecasting trends.  The popular posts section is a snapshot of tastes formed and forming and heres one: ‘Beertails’.  People are going nuts for pinning the recipes so you can expect to be served a beer in a Martini glass any day now.

Via Business Insider 


7. The Fourth Wall

Klaus Frahm had taken some building snaps for an architect who was doing work on a theatre.  Reviewing his polaroids he was struck by the actors-eye view looking back at the auditorium.  It was turning the tables on the audience, a look behind the scenes, and what started as a simple research project became a fully fledged photography series.  

Via This Is Colossal 


8. Cross Sections

We do love a good cross section we do and this Tumblr blog by Melody Owen has a motherland of them.  Gloriously detailed cutaways of things real and imagined. 

See them here

9. Thats your lot

Now here’s a novel idea.  Parking lots are big open aired, under used spaces.  Install temporary structures above the parking spaces, retaining the space below for the car but creating space above for people.  No doubt there's a mountain of planning issues around this but we like the thinking.

Via Fast Co 

10. Up on the roof

The Google Sunroof Project uses Google Maps sorcery to tell you if you can and how much juice you will get out of your roof if you were to install solar panels.  Only available in San Fran now but it will be rolled out elsewhere shortly.  Good man lads.  

Via Visual News 


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