Ten Best #12


By: John Mahon

Ladies and Gentlemen...presenting this week's Ten Best.

10 things we loved on the net this week, first five waving the Irish flag, last 5 from god knows where.  


1. Totally Rad

Radical Ray Darcy does a piece on skate culture in Dublin on the Jo Maxi show in 1988 featuring the famous Clive’s of Hill Street

2. Auld bag

A sweet market bag that reminds you where you live from the guys at 31 Chapel Lane.


3. The Flicks

Picture Credit 

The always awesome Come Here To Me did an article on the rise and fall of the Dublin suburban cinema.  From the Ramones playing in The Grand in Cabra to the mid 70’s cinema buyouts to convert them into bingo halls.  An interesting read to be sure. 

4. Brand New Retro - The Book

Stocking filler alert.  Brand New Retro have been around for 5 years, trawling second hand book shops and thrift stores for old magazines and books that documented the retro charms of daily Dublin life back in de day.

The time has come to turn all that golden content into a book and here it is.  Available from November 

5. Hong Kong Dress

Dubliner designer Simone Rocha is making big waves globally at the moment.  

Nowness asked her to contribute to their ‘The Way We Dress’ series so she went to her father’s birthplace with Irish photographer Linda Brownlee to document how the older generation dress.  Good watch.

6. American DJs and topless women

Now here’s a niche interest.  

Where you’d even find one of these images is beyond me but this fella has put together a full page of images of multiple topless ladies with US DJ’s in the 70’s and 80’s.  

7. Model Citizen

Once again Messy Nessy Chic uncovers some internet gold.  

This time it’s about Randy Hage who photographs then builds meticulously detailed scale models of disappearing New York shopfronts.  

Can you spot which is real and which is a model?

8. Burn your vinyl

Need a new niche interest to beat people over the head with?  

Well apparently the hugely inconvenient Reel 2 Reel tape format is back.  Off to eBay with you.

Via The Verge

9. For the George Constanza in your life

Everybody has a George in their life.  

The charmingly neurotic side kick of Jerry Seinfeld had an episode based around his under desk napping technique and now Costanza’s dreams have become reality.

Via Visual News 


10. Get the leg over Denmark 

Denmark has a sexy problem.  Or lack of.  

Their birthrate is declining to the point that the government has felt they need to intervene with a number of ads encouraging the population to get frisky.  

This travel agents has taken that ball and ran with it with this series of ads encouraging people to go on holidays and save the nation.  

Via CNN 

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