Ten Best #15


By: John Mahon

Hey folks, here’s this week’s dose of The Locals Ten Best.  

10 things from der internet, first 5 of Irish extraction, the rest are from 'round de wurld. 

1. Mikkeller Run Club

At first this seems unlikely, a fitness club ran by a brewery but it actually makes loads of sense if you think about it.  It’s just extension of being sociable around beer and you get that zen feeling of earning beer drinking credit by running first.   The guys at Galway Bay have imported the Mikkeller Run Club idea from Copenhagen.

Jog on here 


2. Guinness Bar

Staying with beer for the moment, Guinness have just opened a bar up in St James Gate brewery.  It keeps odd hours and seems more like a corporate experience but the thoughts of a great bar in those amazing buildings is a good one and the picture looks nice, right?

As reported by Publin.ie


3. John Gunn Camera shop

A family ran store is a sadly rare thing these days in the city centre, especially on a street like Camden Street but John Gunn Cameras have been keeping her lit for years.  You’ll be lovingly tended to by either John himself, one of his daughters or his wife and they have a great range of cameras and equipment , old and new, and a life time of advice.  

Lovely short article on them on Camera Junky


4. Banter Year in review 

The flaming ball of energy that is Jim Carroll hosts the Banter Year In Review chat this Wednesday coming in MVP.  On the panel is  Kathy Sheridan (The Irish Times), Grainne Healy (co-director Yes Equality campaign), Zoë Comyns (independent radio producer and founder New Normal Culture) and Anna Walsh (MVP and World Class Irish Bartender of the Year) and they have alot to talk about.

Doors are at 6:30pm and you can get tickets here 


5. Hans....Bubby....

There are two types of people in this world.  There are people for which a film about a terrorist situation in a Los Angeles sky scraper just screams Christmas time.  And then there’s other people.  

The Lighthouse Cinema will be screaming Die Hard again this year on the 9th, 11th and 19th of December.  Get tickets here 


6. Laser cut laptop covers

A clever, if expensive way to customise your Mac laptop.  Jamie XX is a fan, clearly.

Via Product Hunt 


7. Neural network

This is equal parts fascinating and terrifying.  A computer takes a walk through Amsterdam and describes what it sees with eery accuracy.  How does this even work/God Help us all?  

Via The Verge 


8. 10,000 Bottles of beer on the wall

We love this take on the pop up bar concept (not that our ancient laws allow us to have pop up bars in this quaint country of ours….grrr).  The bar is called PAND10 and it has 10,000 beers to sell.  Each beer is numbered and after exactly 10,000 beers served it will close.  A simple concept and a great way to create buzz and demand.

Via Pop Up City 


9. Tottenham shopfronts 

This is so simple, so obvious that its mind boggling we don’t see more of it.  The local council in Tottenham in London assembled some artists/designers and got them, with the local shopkeepers and residents on board, to reimagine the street scape, tidying up grotty old shops and tarting up other abandoned  shops.  

The result?  The high street gets uplifted, people enjoy it, start to visit, hang out and see the potential in a previous eye sore.  So clever.

Via We-Heart 

10. Amsterdam Airport robot 

By pure coincidence, another story that has both Robotics and Amsterdam in it caught our attention this week.  In this case, Schipol airport has enlisted the help of some robots to help lost tourists find where they need to go.   The common  site of grown adults being lead around by the hand by a robot is surely only around the corner. 

Via The Verge 

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