Ten Best #16

The last ten o' the best of 2015...

By: John Mahon

Here we are with what's going to be the last Ten Best of 2015.  Back again in January with the usual format - 10 things, 5 from Eire and 5 from abroad.


1. The Locals Xmas Gift Guide

We’re going to keep this at the top of the pile for the week that it is.  45 gifts of or from Dublin, lovingly compiled by us for all y’all. We’ve decided them between (1) Stuff (2) Experiences and (3) Food & Drink too.


2. Dublin’s Next Top Mugging

Pic via Patrick Murphy/Flickr 

There’s a thread going over on Reddit as to which and where Dublin’s darkest and dodgiest alley is.  There's stiff competition needless to say.

3. Six Foot Under

The preposterous story of the Irish chancer Mick Meaney, buried alive for 45 days in London in 1968.  

Via Generation Emigration/Irish Times 


4. A good sit down...

…is hard to beat yet Dublin, if you think of it, has sweet f-all places to sit down in public and it’s a surprisingly divisive issue.  DCC admits that the fear of "anti-social behaviour" is the motive behind the lack of seats but are taking steps to address is via the Dublin City Beta programme.  

Dublin Inquirer has the full story


5. FFID Dublin Bucket List

Sometimes you need to see your city through the eyes of a visitor to really appreciate the good stuff we have going on here.  We did that recently with illustrator Faustian Mary and the excellent FFID blog has put together a great bucket list of things to see and do in Dublin.   How many can you say you’ve done?

Via French Foodie in Dublin 

6. The Grand Internet Hotel

Ever wondered where the internet lives, of more specifically, where it stays when in New York City?    Photographer Peter Garritano got access to the giant internet hubs in NYC for Wired Magazine.  Visually, it's not that thrilling until you think just how much information, communication and business goes through these pipes and the sort of damage you could do with one swing of an axe.

Via Wired Magazine 

7. Church Murals

This is fucking awesome.  An abandoned church turned skate park in Madrid is given the Sistine chapel treatment. 

Via The Guardian 


8. 21 Seconds...

Can you name the full 82 members of So Solid Crew?  A possibly doctored and abused Wikipedia entry for So Solid Crew’s full crew list.  Gas 

Via Profanity Swan 

9. The Art of Ping Pong

A collaborative project running for a couple of years in London that brings some big hitter Illustrators together to do up table tennis bats in aid of BBC Children In Need.
Good cause, sweet results.  

Via We-Heart 

10. 52 things I learned

52 genuinely fascinating things that journalist Tim Whitewell learned over the course of a year’s work.  

For example, did you know that Chinese scientists are developing a way to send live fish through the postal system in a form of suspended animation?  Or that Huffington Post’s top story was a video of a beagle stealing chicken nuggets.  Or maybe you knew that a company called Orbital Insight is now selling data based on the shadows cast by half-finished Chinese buildings as an economic indicator?

Via Tom Whitewell on Medium 

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