Ten Best #17

Ten things that got us good on the web this week...

By: John Mahon


Here’s the first of 2016’s Ten Best.  To jog your memory, this is a post with ten things that caught our fancy this week, split evenly between Things from Ireland and Things From Over De Water.

Enjoy and share.


1. On The Grid Southside

On The Grid is a new(ish) beautifully designed, web based collection of City Guides, curated by creatives based on those cities around the globe.

Dublin creative studio It’s Okay have put together a selection for Dublin.  

Check it here


2. 50 years ago.

This has done the rounds for a while but for those that havnt seen it, it's a great colour vid from the 60’s showing Dublin a couple of generations ago.  

Some things haven’t changed a bit (Trinity College) and some things are almost unrecognisable (Dublin Quays before IFSC and 3 or 4 extra bridges)


3. Open Gate Brewery

We haven’t been yet (gonna give it a go on Friday) but we are intrigued about the Open Gate Brewery Bar up at Guinness.  They say they’ve had this experimental brew house up there for 100 years and now you can book in on Thursday and Friday night to sample random brews made in James’s Gate.

Book it here 

4. Nine things I learned volunteering in a refugee camp

Holly Shortall is a 26 year old fashion illustrator and journalist living in Dublin.  Like the reasonable majority she was effected by scenes of refugees putting everything on the line to get to Europe.  Unlike the majority however she did something about it.

In October of last year she volunteered to help at ‘The Jungle’ refugee encampment in Calais, writing about it on her blog.  

It’s an honest first hand account from somebody who left their comfortable existance to see what was really going on.

Read it here. 

5. Droning On

Broadsheet had a great video last week from director David Magnier who took his drone for a walk in Wicklow over Christmas and put together this sublime video.

Good choice of soundtrack too.  Watch it via Broadsheet


6. Crockett and Tubbs, Simpson and Flanders

This is quite possibly the best thing the Simpsons have produced in a decade.  A ridiculously over the top Miami Vice inspired couch intro, also beautifully scored to ‘Push It To The Limit’ from Scarface.  

Via Boooooooom TV 


7. Nifty

Simple and nifty.  Mostly nifty.  Nifty.

A simply designed cable organiser from Poketo


8. MOVI Camera

DIY live streaming of events and other happenings has exploded in the last 5 years (think Boiler Room et al).  

Loads of streaming platforms have emerged but all of them relied on you using third party cameras and figuring out how to make them play nice with their software. 

Now Livestream, one of the top companies in this field, have developed their own camera specifically for streaming called the Movi.  Its a beautiful simple design that ticks the majority of boxes you’d need ticked and with great new features like live editing via your iPhone and the ability to have multiple live camera views from just one camera. 

Clever. GetMovi.com

9. Bin It


This falls into the category of I can’t believe this doesn’t exist yet.  Two Australian’s have launched a company called Seabin, with a product that has been fully funded to the tune of a $250,000 on Indiegogo.

The product is a simple pump and removable bin that sits in a still body of water slowly collecting trash.  Think harbours, slow moving rivers and Dublin’s grand canal full of empty cans of Dutch after a sunny day’s drinking.

Via Scout Magazine

10. Jimmy Cauty’s Model Village

Jimmy ‘I burned a million quid for the craic’ Cauty has produced a diorama based commentary on English society.  

It’s been around for a while, it was on view last year at Banksy’s Dismaland and is now on view as a stand alone show in London.  It is a 1:87 scale model of a dismal English city scene where only the Police and emergency services roam.  

Via We-Heart 


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