Ten Best #6


By: John Mahon

Come here til we give you Ten of The Best.  

Ten things we liked this week.  The format, as usual, is Dublin first followed five more tit bits from the Weird Wild Web.

Enjoy and share.


1. Twin Space

Despite the fact the majority of us carry a device in our pockets that can do exactly this at any time, there’s still something magical when you remove the distraction and create a portal to another place as these lads want to do here. 

A window to wave at New Yorkers from the square in Trinity College and vice versa. 

Check out the project and support them on Kickstarter here


2. Dandelion Market

Before the cathedral to shopping that is The Stephens Green Shopping Centre there was the Dandelion Market.  

Here’s a great video from the RTE archives of the market that used to take place there in the early 70’s.


3. The coolest year in hell

Blackouts, riots, the Bronx was burning and a serial killer was on the loose.  Despite this, 1977 New York was one of the most creative times any city has ever encountered.  This Greedy Pig screen the brilliant documentary NY77 in The Sugar Club tonight followed by a set New York’s DJ Nature.

4. Tele-photo

Can you spot yourself in the jumbo photo album from our Telephones Day & Night parties a couple of week’s back?  Have a look at them on the Telephones Facebook Page here.

5. The Empowered City

If you live in Dublin City there’s a fair chance you live in an apartment complex, and there’s a fairer chance again that your complex was built in the 90’s boom with about 5 seconds thought given to its design and construction leading to the legacy of problems that you’ll be well familiar with.   

Pivot Dublin and Dublin City Architects are putting on workshops bringing the public and designs pros together to discuss plans and more importantly take action to make these complexes a better place.

It's a free event taking place this Monday in The Science Gallery.  Check it out here 

6. What Would Mattress Mick say?

This company is revolutionising how the mattress (plural mattrei?), of all things, are being marketed and sold.  A better sleep promise and a 100 day money back guarantee, it gets delivered to your door on a bike (somehow) and Leo DiCaprio is an early investor.  

Have a look at the future of bedding here

7. �� �� ��

Emoji, expressing what words can’t, couldn’t or shouldn’t. The Verge’s senior editor discusses how they became so ubiquitous 

Via The Verge

8. Troxler speaks

Seth Troxler has been a big presence in dance music for the last five or six years.  A big personality who’s not afraid to share his opinions.  He lambasts the very music festivals that make him a rich man for skipping the detail that makes a great party, depriving a generation the learning experience of what proper clubbing can be.  He doesn’t like Ketamine either.  

Via Thump

9. Kenny Dope Dope Dope

One half of the production power house Masters at Work, Kenny Dope Gonzales has a fondness for the little vinyl.

Here’s an hour of him skilfully spinning and scratching some 7 inches.  Its all a bit webcast sterile to watch but great music as usual from KD.  Better off playing it in the background.

Via DJ Sounds

10. Seinfeld Food Tour

Like Seinfeld and heading to New York soon?  Then this is just the ticket.  The Seinfeld Food Tour.

Via NY Times


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