Ten Best #7


By: John Mahon

It's Friday which means it's time for Ten of The Best.  

Enjoy 'em (and share 'em if you like 'em)


1. Just your type

The Dublin Type Instagram page always has beautiful shots of old signage around town but it’s looking particularly well right now with a series of shots of the lettered block of the Iveagh Trust Building


2. The Kirkos Blackout No.3

Ever thought your dinner would be better served in total darkness whilst you were serenaded by a musical ensemble?  Then this is the event for you.  Produced by Ensemble music and with food by Gruel Guerrilla, these shows take place on 17th and 18th July.

3. Draw like Annie

Annie Atkins made a name for herself as the designer for all the graphics in the visually stunning Wes Anderson flick ‘Grand Hotel Budapest’ and she is running a course in Graphic Design for Filmmaking.  She teaches it herself and will give you feedback on your portfolio if you play your cards right.

4. Time Warp Photography

Past Times Photography have a great page where they seamlessly merge snaps of modern day Dublin with pics from the past.  Remarkable differences in some cases and hardly no change in other.  Good stuff

5. Dublin Discomania

The always fantastic Brand New Retro dug deep into the archives of Magill Magazine and pulled out a 1976 article about the Dublin Disco scene featuring long since closed joints like Sloopys, St John’s and Barbarella’s.

6. Human Head Helmets

Designer Jyo John Mullor has designed a set of motorbike helmets which emulate a human head exactly.  Finally.

7. The Most famous handwriting in the Netherlands

If you live in Amsterdam this ubiquitous hand drawn market signage will be well familiar to you.  A pair of local designers, intrigued as to where it all came from set out to find out more and discovered that it is all the work of one man.

Via Pop Up City 

8. Abandoned Space

Abandoned and forgotten government facilities became ten a penny after the Soviet Union imploded but an abandoned Space Centre complete with two rusting space ships covered in pigeon shit takes the prize.  

Via Messy Nessy Chic 

9. Hyperlax

We do love a good Hyperlapse here in The Locals .  Hyperlax is where all Hyperlapses go to live, on a constant loop, forever.  Mesmerising.

Via Fast Co 

10. Flic of a switch

Flic.io is a lovely partnership between low, low tech and lofty high tech.  A simple, dumb button that can be programmed to do anything.  

From controlling lights in your house, to opening doors to..and this our favourite…making your phone ring so you can get out of a Tinder date. 


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