Ten Best #8


By: John Mahon

Ten of the best for you, you and you.



1. Pecha Kucha Night

A jam between Totally Dublin and The Irish Architecture Foundation where speakers get 20 slides and 20 seconds to explain each.  Topic this time is outdoors, events and public spaces.  Its a fiver in and you get a free Peroni.  Look who’s talking and get tickets ’n’ info here.

2. Dog Hungry Bears


Dog Hungry Bears are 3 lads with a passion for food, Dublin food to be specific and they’ve just launched a web TV show where they tour some of the best Dublin has to offer.  Check in with them on Twitter here

3. Trinity Archives

200,000 Irish men fought in WW1 and Trinity College and Google got together to archive a ton of photos, posters and clippings from the period.  From this early recruitment ad billing the war like a high stakes game of footy through the Easter Rising and eventual end game, its a fascinating look at the war and how it effected Dublin.  See it here



4. Hens Teeth Prints

Our buddies at This Greedy Pig are launching an online print store.  They have commissioned alot of great original work for their site over the years and alongside some fresh new works, they are releasing them for sale in limited edition.  

Follow ‘em on Facebook and sign up here to find out more and they’ll give you 15% off your first order.

5. Dublin Nazi

One of the shadier aspects of Ireland’s war time record was the attitude of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ amongst some during WW2.  We Are Dublin uncovers a story about a Nazi parachuted into Meath and moved from safe house to safe house before popping a poison pill at war's end.  

6. Paper Cut

Beautiful paper cut designs by Lydia Shirreff

Via Its Nice That

7. Henrik, Ebo & Pat

Henrik Schwarz version of Ene Nyame 'a’ Mensuro by Ghanian musicians Ebo Taylor and Pat Thomas finally gets a release.  Big.



8. Strangers drawing strangers

A simple, intimate, charming idea

Via Cash Studios


9. Ear buddies

“A volume knob on your world” they say.  Called HERE, these earbuds let you tune in or out the world around you via a smartphone app.  Turn up the bass at a concert, turn down the baby crying on a plane.  The next big thing?

Via Business Insider

10. Quackser Fortune Has A Cousin In The Bronx


Oh just Willy Wonka pushing a cart of horse shite down the Grand Canal in Dublin is all.  




Enjoy the weekend





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