Ten Best #9


By: John Mahon

Pic above by Steve Simpson

Ten of the best internet’s from this week’s browsing for y’all to gorge on.

First 5 are of/in/for Dublin, last 5 are from the big bad wide web


1. The Blend Inn

The Blend Inn is a new cocktail pop up upstairs at The Headline Bar on Clanbrassil Street.  A collaboration between Mick Reddy and Pieter Reid (Cocktail maker extraordinaire from our Telephones parties).  The idea is bottled cocktails that they make in Newmarket Kitchen daily using seasonal ingredients gown locally or by themselves.  

Find out more on the Twitter  and book a table here 

2. Offsketch

Offsketch is a rapid fire urban sketching event where you are taken from location to location drawing what you see, all climaxing with a show 'n' beers at the Graphic Studio Gallery. 

Check it out here

3. Glory days are over

The party is over when it comes to cycling with gay abandon around the city.  The council are bringing in a raft of on the spot fines and Irish Cycle has broken down the do’s and do not do’s for you.  

Read all about it here.  Careful now. 


4. Beatyard Timetable

The Beatyard Festival is finally upon us.  Taking over the old Dun Laoghaire ferry terminal with acts like Madlib, Sister Sledge, Fourtet and we are hosting our own Telephones stage with some of our heroes like Optimo and Mister Saturday night.  

Full lineup, maps and details here


5. Dublin Hun

Illustrator Aoife Dooley is chronicling the life and times of Dublin Huns on her new Instagram account.  What’s a hun?  Have a look for yourself.


6. Invention of the year?

This is just clever clever clever.  For kids, surfers or anybody who gets in risky water.  A wristband that drags you to safety if you get into trouble.  Contender for invention of the year?


7. Science Museum bike tours

The science museum in London are running bike tours inside their cavernous space in August.  Spandex not needed.

Via Mashable 

8. The man who flies, full time, first class, for free

Fascinating story about a guy called Ben Schlappig who has made a full time career out of gaming the frequent flyer system.  Upside is he flies first class around the world all the time for next to nothing.  Downside, he is rarely not on a plane..

Via Rolling Stone 


9. Air PnP

You know your on to a good thing when your brand becomes a verb and Air BnB is just that.  Here’s Air PnP - The Air BnB for finding a place for a number one or two around the world. Only one listing for Dublin but this is progress nonetheless. 

Via Product Hunt


10. Doggy DeVito 

And just to wrap things up: Here’s Danny DeVito walking his dachshund around Manhattan in a dress.  Why?  Because it's New York and he’s Danny DeVito, thats why.  

Via Mashable 

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