The Black Pool #1


By: John Mahon


The Black Pool #1

Dublin, drawn through French eyes

19th November 2015


We got an email from a girl called Faustine Mary saying she had just arrived in Dublin and wanted to get involved.

She sent us her illustrations - charming and simple sketches of people going about their day.  

We thought it would be fun to send her out on Dublin streets to capture the characters and see the city through her fresh eyes.

Here’s what she saw.


See more of Faustine’s graphic design and sketch books 


This is the first in a series of drawings that Faustine has done for The Locals.  See The Black Pool #2 here.





Finally I got here and discovered the drunk tourists and the forever red pedestrian crossings!



Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Faustine Mary.  I am a French (nobody's perfect!) graphic designer.  I am 27 years old, and I have been drawing for as long as I have known how to hold a pen. 

I've worked in France, Germany, Italy and Spain and I’ve just arrived in Ireland…


Why Dublin?

I read an article about the origin of the name Dublin - 'Dubh Linn’ - the black pool.  It sounded so epic and exciting!

I could instantly see the dark and silent water, agitated by a wind coming from nowhere.

Finally I got here and discovered the drunk tourists and the forever red pedestrian crossings!

Anyway, I've secretly fallen in love with Dublin.




I’m always drawing, anywhere, anytime.



What stand’s out to you about this town?

It is such a pleasure for my greedy eyes to walk in the street of Dublin.  Everything tells a story to me.

The mysterious name of a street, the wrinkles around the eyes of a passerby, the zigzagging crack on a wall, the blind fog of the early morning, and the sparkle of the Liffey at night.

How do you work?

I’m always drawing, anywhere, anytime.  I also bring a camera everywhere.

I walk for hours and I capture images on my way.

Then I find myself alone at my desk, surrounded by the familiar light of my computer, and I watch the pictures.  This is when the reality of my day meets my twisted imagination.



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