The Black Pool #3

A night in the belly of The Olympia...

By: John Mahon

The Black Pool #3

A night in the belly of The Olympia

14th April 2016


Faustine Mary is a recently arrived illustrator from France.  We thought it could be fun to send her out to the streets with her fresh French eyes and draw what she sees.  Her resulting series of drawings for us, which she dubbed The Black Pool, we're brilliant (see here and here).  

For the 3rd in the series, she got off the streets and in to the 135 year old Olympia Theatre on Dublin's Dame Street, hanging around in the shadows back stage at a gig with The Strypes and Travis Oaks. 

Here it is in her own words:

I saw smoke without fire, red and golden balcony, cracked wall in the backstage, old posters, virgin fans, weird sound technicians, and maybe one ghosts or two.

I made lot of pictures and took time to get inspired by the place. It was a dark and busy Saturday. I got lost in the labyrinth of stairs and rooms. It was like being in a whale. Red light and low vibrations. Then I came back home and draw what I saw, or what I thought I saw.

Don’t be lookin' at me with your shallow eyes
Slow burning heat from the inside
Far away as the morning light
A weak spark can burn so bright

And I know it’s only getting better
And I know it’s only getting more
And I know it’s only getting better
Keep it to yourself I’ve a heartached soul

The fire on your insides
Keeps me alive
As I rise, as I rise
Slow burning sun rise

A cruel game in so many ways
I keep an eye on the thoughts as they’re goin down
But you know your grown in my renegade heart
Keep the beat cus your still just a lover

Love is the enemy
Lust is the storm
I drive a fire to keep you from running
I know you want what my heart can’t hold

You know it’s only getting better
You know it’s only getting more
You know it’s only getting better
I’ll keep it to myself cus your heart burns cold

Slow Burner - Travis Oaks


See more of Faustine’s graphic design and sketch books 




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