Ten Best #1


By: John Mahon

Good day to you

Here is the first in what will be series of weekly posts covering the best we saw on the web in the past week.  It will be split down the middle between interesting Dublin stuff and other stuff that took our fancy.  


1. Dear Dirty Dublin

Photographer Luke Fallon’s on going Dublin photo series hosted by the excellent Come Here To Me, which is one of our favourite blogs for learning about the life and times of this ancient town we happen to live in.  Heres the link

2. That time Bollywood came to Dublin

Any Dub is going to find this totally surreal watching the Bollywood chase-fight-chase through Dublin streets, shot for the 2012 Indian film Ek Tha Kahn.  This high drama takes in city landmarks such as Centra in Templebar and has an utterly plausible Luas roof top chase.  Publin.ie has the full story and video.

3. Forkful dot tee vee

A project from food writer Aoife McElwain and photographer Mark Duggan, Forkful.tv is a website of beautifully shot, easy to make recipes.  Apologies if you haven’t eaten yet because you will be drooling down your shirt after this.  Check it out on forkful.tv


4. Happenings, happenings, happenings 

Alot of you probably know about Happenings already but for those that haven’t yet had the pleasure make sure you put it on your radar.  Happenings put on outdoor movie screenings and music events in the old parks, squares and green spaces around the city.  Given that the Irish weather will ruin your best laid plans every time, they stay nimble, activating or postponing the events based on what the sky is doing, with large crowds willing to move at a moments notice.  Check out their summer lineup of events here.


5. David Jazay’s Dublin

A 10 year photo project by German photographer David Jazay that he started in the mid 80’s whilst on a school exchange to Dublin.   The city back then was crumbling, with street after street of formerly beautiful buildings long since left to fall into disrepair.  Long stretches were condemmed or boarded up with one remaining shop keeper holding out.  The mood at the time was to pull it all down and Jazay wanted to document the architectural heritage before it disappeared.  It took him until 2014, when computer technology finally caught up with his ambitions for the project which was to merge photos together into highly detailed tapestries of what Dublin looked like before the money and the builders arrived.  This is one of our favourite Dublin photo stories and you can see the pictures here. 

6. DIY Concrete furniture

Loads of really simple weekend projects that we tell ourselves we will do some day soon but never actually get around to it.  Still...

Check out this lamp and other great instructional vids on Home Made Modern here

7. Air BnB in a vacant office block

The third floor of an empty office building in Arnhem covered into a pop up hotel complete with bar, reception, bathrooms and clever hotel rooms.  More of this please.  Check out the project over on Pop Up City

8. Tripmode for Mac

Very, very handy little tool if you find yourself using wifi on trains or busses.  This plugin allows you to quickly turn off access to the apps on your computer that are unnecessarily sucking up the slow wifi (i.e. Dropbox, Torrents etc) so the data is directed to where you need it most.
Read more over on Next Web

9. Gerd Jansen mix

We’ve had this on a loop for the week here. A recording of Running Back label boss Gerd Jansen playing at Modular in Rotterdam.  Sublime stuff, and the man himself is playing at POGO in Twisted Pepper this Saturday as it happens.  
Check out the mix here

10. Wes’s Bar

Commissioned by fashion brand Prada, Wes Anderson has designed a bar for them in Milan at the art complex Fondazione Prada and it looks ace.  
More on Messy Nessy Chic here


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