Ten Best #2


By: John Mahon

Back again for the 2nd installment of our weekly linkage with 10 of the best things we saw on the web this past week, split down the middle between Dublin stuff and then the rest.



1. To be beside the Seaside

The Beatyard is back and after 10 previous editions based in The Bernard Shaw, The Twisted Pepper and various spots around the city, it has now moved to an incredible new site on the old Dun Laoighre ferry terminal with a killer lineup including Nenah Cherry, Sister Sledge, Four Tet and way more.  

On top of that, we are hosting our own Telephones arena on the Saturday with some of our heroes like Mister Saturday Night, Optimo and Lindstrom joining us on stage.  Happy days.  All details and tickets (including some early birds) on The-Beatyard.com

2. 99 problems but a beach ain’t one of them

Staying in Dun Laoighre, have you seen the plans for the apparently approved Berlin/Copenhagen style urban beach in Dun Laoighre harbour?  More of this please

3. The Gannet, innit.

A London based online food magazine set up and ran by a gaggle of Micks.

They travel the world meeting food obsessives for recipes and stories.

Dublin and Ireland has been well represented so far with interviews featuring food entrepeneur Laragh Stuart, Liberties based Aliston Munroe from Munroe’s Jerk Sauces and chef of the moment Katie Sanderson.

Go to www.thegannett.com

4. Wait a minute Mister Postman.

Some of you know this already but its a new one on us and definitely deserves sharing.

Parcel Motel are the guys behind the big blue  post box banks you’ll find in garage forecourts and the like around the city.  A great way to avoid having to traipse down the postal depot with your ‘missed delivery’ slip but better again, as they are Belfast registered, you can avail of ‘Free UK Delivery’ if you deliver to a Parcel Motel in Dublin.  Handy!  Beaut.ie has the details 

5. Ireland, illustrated

The Illustrators Ireland website (and their blog Scamp) is a one stop shop for some of the best illustration talent on this wee island we have here.  Their members include Fuchsia Macaree, Kathi Burke, Peter Donnelly, Aoife Dooley, Chris Judge, Stephen Maurice Graham and many other illustrators we are very fond of.   See all portfolios here (above image by Steve McCarthy)


6. A brief history of the mixer

Every chef has her knife, every carpenter his chisel, every police man his, er, batton and every DJ his mixer.   The all important DJ mixer has been at the centre (literally) of club culture since Alex Rosner’s basic 3 channel mixer he cutely named Rosie for NYC club Haven in 1971, facilitating resident DJ Francis Grasso’s new fangled concept of mixing.

This seemingly simple innovation paved the way for DJ creativity and the unstoppable rise of dance culture across the globe in the following four decades.

Its a really interesting read. 



7. They think it’s all over...

The meticulously detailed notebooks belonging to Radio Newcastle football commentator Nick Barnes who spends hours before each game laying out player and match info.  

We suggest you Just look at them.


8. Grandalism

Lata 65 is an initiative in Lisbon that teaches street art to OAP’s.  They’ve already taken 100 elder folk on (slow) tours around the city, teaching them how it works and tagging as they go.

Messy Nessy Chic has it covered here


9. Animated GIF recipes

This seems like such a logical way to add some depth to the all important pictures on recipe websites that were really surprised we haven’t seen it before.  
Very clever.  And delicious.

Works best on iPhone, here's a starter reciper for ya


10. Houseboat Hotels

So Air BnB had their publicity stunt on the River Thames in London last week but these folk in Kashmir have been doing it since the 1800’s.  The Indian/Pakistani war in 1989 killed the industry leaving only a few hundred house boats and their owners struggling to survive.  Tourism is slowly returning over the last few years but not enough to allow alot of the owners to do essential repairs with alot of the boats slowly sinking into the lake.  

Photographer Helen Rimell’s photo story can be seen here


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